What in the World?

What in the world is going on in the world today?

The question is being asked more often and with greater impetus than possibly ever before. Perhaps you are asking this question as well—and with good reason.

Of course, people throughout history have at various times been pressed to ask the same question. For example, since 1914, the world has experienced numerous dire situations including the First and Second World Wars, the Great Depression, the Cold War, and various revolutions, uprisings, and conflicts. Many of these have produced regional and global bewilderment and caused people to question the very ability of humanity to govern itself and look for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. Through the centuries the nations of the earth have experienced epidemics, pandemics, and endemics in differing degrees that affected large swaths of people. The world has also faced significant seismic shifts that have altered both cultural and societal norms including the Scientific Revolution (1550-1700), the Industrial Revolution (1760-1840), and the opening of the Atomic Age (1945). Unquestionably, these events caused people to both fear and anticipate a brighter and more promising future.

What about today?

Today’s situation appears to present even greater challenges and an even more frightful threat to the human race. What are some of these challenges?

According to the The Conversation, “a nonprofit, independent news organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good,” there are currently 10 catastrophic threats facing humanity. The article can be found here. Those threats include the following:

   1. Decline of natural resources, particularly water

   2. Collapse of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity

   3. Human population growth beyond Earth’s carrying capacity

   4. Global warming and human-induced climate change

   5. Chemical pollution of the Earth system, including the atmosphere and oceans

   6. Rising food insecurity and failing nutritional quality

   7. Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction

   8. Pandemics of new and untreatable disease

   9. The advent of powerful, uncontrolled new technology

   10. National and global failure to understand and act preventatively on these risks

Another looming threat

As serious as these matters are, they do not reflect the entire array of threats. There are other tumultuous shifts taking place—both in the United States and globally.

One of those threats the world is currently experiencing is a serious global financial threat. The United Nations issued a statement in its “World Economic Situation and Prospects as of mid-2022” report which states, “Global growth prospects have weakened significantly amid the war in Ukraine, rising energy, food and commodity prices, soaring inflation and tightening monetary policy stances by major central banks.” While this outlook is somewhat alarming, the true extent of the treat is not being fully communicated. Although I will not elaborate further, the matter is far more serious than mainstream America is aware. With nearly each passing quarter the concern over the international economic situation appears to worsen among people who track what is occurring.

Closer to home

Furthermore, America is reeling from poor governmental leadership, oversight, and ineptness. The domestic policies and efforts of the US Government is currently following will have long lasting and possibly irreversible implications to the US economy and its financial stability. The actions of our national leadership have produced a drastic increase in inflation. Fuel prices have almost certainly permanently increased due to the policies of future fuel exploration and production ability of the United States. The US government is leading an unpopular shift from fossil fuels to a purportedly more environmental friendly clean fuels based energy sector. The ramifications of this overhaul of the United States’ energy industry, especially at the speeds this is occurring, cannot be overstated. While many hope the transition will be successful, many knowledgeable experts warn the transition could prove to be detrimental and even perilous to the US economy. Let me say that this is not a reflection on the current administration alone—US government leadership is failing at practically all levels, of both political parties.

The recent historical rise in inflation is sparking fears among the general population. Economic experts warn almost daily of the potential near and extended economic consequences sustained inflation will have on the United States economy. Shortages of different important commodities are being experienced, some of these shortages could be deemed as critical to national stability. There are serious and increasing alarms of possible food shortages, shortages of diesel fuel, and repair parts for heavy transfer trucks that could disrupt supply chain delivery. Furthermore, medical costs continue to increase. The Social Security and Medicaid systems are quickly approaching inevitable bankruptcy. The country is experiencing uncontrolled national spending and an increasing national debt at a rate that is unsustainable. Moreover, everyone understands that the general American population will not fare well if and when a real nation-wide catastrophic event happens. Just look at New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina if you need a reference.

Adding to these problems is our national news and media system. Without evoking political positioning (something I am not attempting to do), it is safe for us to conclude that our national news outlets fail to report news accurately and with journalistic integrity. Much of what is reported and repeated in the news is based on political bias, chasing increased viewer statistics, and ideological positioning. And without question our nation is experiencing the long term effects of social media engineering.

The American entertainment industry may be among the most influential and detrimnetal aspects of American society and culture. While there is no time here to discuss the issue at length, it can be argued that the Hollywood movie and television industry may be preparing the American people (knowingly or unknowingly) and the entire world for unfolding future events. Sound conspiratorial to you? Maybe, may not. Read for yourself what people who are knowledgable in this area say about the subject. What you will find is that they fully acknowledge that whoever controls the entertainment industry controls and how people think. In fact, it is remarkable how television communicates informormation and conditions the masses through carefully written and presented information in the form of entertainment.

American society is also becoming increasingly divided. Crime is increasing in many major cites with a simultaneous failure by local political leaders to enforce laws against blatant criminal activity. In many large American cities elected officials disregard strong public opinion in jurisprudential matters previously considered unthinkable. Social unrest is simmering under the surface. It seems groups are pitted against each other primarily as a result of political and ideological viewpoints, spurred by diversity in every area imaginable. The American public is divided along political, jurisprudential, racial, educational, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, and religious lines as never before. The American population is polarized in such a manner that conciliation is becoming increasingly difficult if not simply impossible. The recent Supreme Court decision about Roe v. Wade is emblematic of the political, social, and ideological divide within our national boarders. Many go so far as to suggest (some even encourage) the possibility of civil war within the United States. Simply stated...our house is divided and the very leadership of our nation and powerful elite groups and individuls contribute to the division.

Added to these threats is a nation-wide educational decline and a catastrophic shift in its most fundamental foundations. The extent of this matter is so in-depth that the nation’s education system is unrecognizable from from decades past. The nation is also in the throes of horrific moral decay. We are experiencing an intentional and grave undermining of the family structure, of accepted societal norms, and of all traditional values and religious foundations on which the United States was established. These changes are restructuring the fundamental bedrock and philosophy of the country. All lifestyles choices are considered to be acceptable and forced acceptance on the population is growing. Furthermore, drug abuse, alcoholism, the decay of the rule of law, and rampant undocumented immigration erodes America at a pace that is unsustainable. The failure to enforce our immigration laws is an issue that might have been termed treasonous not so many years ago.

Mark Levin in his best-selling book, American Marxism, makes a strong argument that the United States is being subverted by an ideology that counters the American ideal on which it was supposedly established. He opens his book with these words:

The counterrevolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored, for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and ubiquitous in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment. Once a mostly unrelatable, fringe, and subterranean movement, it is here—it is everywhere. You, your children and your grandchildren are now immersed in it, and it threatens to destroy the greatest nation ever established, along with your freedom, family, and security. Of course, the primary difference between the counterrevolution and the American Revolution is that the former seeks to destroy American society and impose autocratic rule, and the latter sought to protect American society and institute representative government (American Marxism, p. 1).

Does this statement seem too strong? Take a poll of Americans and see what they say. Most people would probably agree with Levin’s description.

America and the world is also in the opening phases of what seems to be an alien and extra-terrestrial disclosure. If this makes you smile, it should not. Governments of the world, particularly the United States, are unveiling and publicly disclosing information about UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings, even to the point of stating that the government may be in possession of other world spacecraft and other world bodies. This is being done by a government and scientific community that displays an almost unhealthy interest in pursuing extraterrestrial beings and civilizations. We will certainly discuss this at greater lengths later in our discussion.

And among the fastest growing threat is the increasing likelihood of warfare on the international stage.

And finally, there is the threat of global governance. The Great Reset as it is termed, previously termed as the New World Order, is in the advanced stages leading up to implementation. People are largely uninformed about the Great Reset and for many who are aware of its pending implementation, they have little concern and do not see it as a threat to American sovereignty and their individual rights. Regardless of how much attention the Great Reset is garnering, the Great Reset is coming—and it is coming quickly.

No wonder people are asking questions

Why are people are asking “What in the world is going on?”

The reason is because it appears society, including global society, is changing so abruptly that the underpinning of the world is seemingly in jeopardy. More precisely, the world appears to be changing so rapidly and so radically that getting our bearings on the situation is becoming increasingly difficult. The fabric of society, the foundational underpinnings, the explosive technological implications for the entire world, combined with quickly building economic crises, domestic and abroad, threatens American and global stability on an unprecedented level.

Elijah Mvundura summarizes the situation the world faces in his article titled, “The Collapse of Liberal Democracy.” In the article he begins his introduction with the following paragraph.

We face an apocalypse. The specter of death and economic collapse spread by the COVID-19 pandemic, the convulsive mass protests over police brutality coalescing with multiple preexisting crises: such things as global warming, identity crisis, fraying social fabric, polarized politics, tribalism, mass discontent, failing states, and an unraveling global order. If we picture these crises together, the silhouettes of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse practically become visible on the horizon, primed to romp into our postmodern and post-Christian consciousness. Propelled as we were by seemingly limitless scientific-technological innovations, we thought we had left these four horsemen far behind, way back in the premodern world. We were wrong. (Taken from https://www.libertymagazine.org/article/the-collapse-of-liberal-democracy)

He is not the only one sounding the alarm. There are many people are attempting to explain what is taking place.

No doubt there are differing theories and differing views on these matters. There are numerous opinions attempting to present a cohesive explanation of what is taking place—both positively and negatively. Some try to portray the changes in a positive light insisting the changes are for the better. These voices insist the world will be a better place to live and will force humanity to adopt and thrive. Of course, most people understand that the upheavals currently transpiring do not portend brighter improvements on the horizon—they believe the opposite resolutely appears to be the case.

A final point

My point of view is not simply political. Although I am a political conservative, the point of this discussion is not focused on the political agenda of either party. What we are discussing is of far greater importance. Additionally, I do not wish to make temporary situations sound as if they are permanent, nor sounding an alarm louder than is appropriate. With that said, in truth, the situation is actually far graver than I have described and were the reality of what is happening in the world be explained to us more thoroughly, we might be asking a far greater number of questions and our concern might be stimulated far more.

In short, our discussion here is about the situation the entire world finds itself in and the direction it appears to be headed. Our discussion is based upon what appears to be a culmination and the crescendo of our current age in the not-too-distant future. Sound strange? Maybe it is not as strange as it sounds.

I invite you to join me as we discuss these matters in greater depth. Where it takes us might surprise you and possibly offer you hope for your future.

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