What in the World?

Opening Remarks

When I began this project I did not intend to write this “What in the world?” section. This came about as I was nearing the conclusion of the web site and realized that it would be incomplete if I did not include this section.

Unfortunately, I am faced with a dilemma: Complete the writing in full before posting or continue writing and post the material in a piecemeal fashion? After some thought I decided to post the opening pages and continue with the work and publish them as they are complete.

I realize this is not the conventional approach nor is it the most beneficial approach for anyone who might wish to read the material. Nevertheless, I decided to write this section in this manner for a three reasons.

First, it should help motivate me to continue. Although there is sufficient inward pressure to continue writing, the piecemeal approach should instill in me further desire to see it through to completion. We all need things to spur us on.

Secondly, the situation is rapidly changing. So rapidly in fact that the information on this subject will need periodic updating. To that point, let me tell you about something I heard recently. I did not include this in the main body of the text because I failed to keep the source information.

Some four or five months ago I was watching a Ted Talks video where an AI expert, an entrepreneur who owned his own AI business if I recall correctly, made a statement that illustrates the rapidly changing technological situation across the planet. While attempting to communicate the matter to his audience the speaker said, “There is a tsunami coming towards the world, and the world does not even know it.” Of course he is correct. People who are on the bleeding edge of AI and technological advancement understand the developing situation far clearer. Such people, because of their greater insight into the world of technology and its implementation, often say things such as, "People will not recognize their world (or their society, or their country, or their lives)...in three to five years.” What is more concerning is that because the mainstream population does not quite understand the technology, it is much more difficult to get a good grasp of these changes and comprehend their implications. Nevertheless, the changes are coming and the best insight available is to listen to those who do know, and try to understand what they are communicating.

Third, my attempts at writing are intended to only encourage readers to look into the subject at greater length. There are far more knowledgeable people explaining these matters and warning people of what is coming. Furthermore, there are some excellent Bible teachers who are capable of explaining the events from a biblical perspective—all online and available to everyone. None of us will be able to claim that it was impossible for us to know what was happening. We are all capable of understanding the changes taking place sufficently enough to prepare ourselves for its inevitable arrival.

Finally, I would like to say that this is not an attempt to oversensationalize the situation. There is no attempt to use such tactics to gain readership, garner attention, or any such thing. I maintain that the situation is sufficently serious enough that such tactics are unnecessary. If we more thouroughly appreciated the true peril that confronts the world and if we were more privy to the full picture, we might be far greater concerned.

With these thing said and out of the way, let's continue on with our discussion.

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