What in the World?

The purpose and goal of this discussion

The purpose for this discussion is to help people understand what is transpiring across the world today. The implications of what is taking place is far-reaching; in fact, eternal, and no one is exempt. As these events continue to develop, the importance to announce to others what is happening will become of even greater import. Why? Because people will continue to ask questions and attempt to understand what is happening in the world as events unfold.

The goal of this discussion is to examine the unfolding current events and developing conditions in the world that will soon transform global society, and correlate them with the description the Bible portrays as occurring in the final days leading up the close of the age we live, and the return of Jesus Christ to the earth.

Topics of discussion

To accomplish this goal we will focus on 6 areas of discussion that, taken together, provide sufficient information to understand what is happening in our world and recognize the structure the builders are erecting (metaphorically speaking).

The areas of discussion are as follows:

The Great Reset ‒ the developing political infrastructure that will allow for world governance through the person who will come on the world’s scene—the coming Antichrist.

Current and Developing Technologies ‒ technologies that allow for the fulfillment of the biblical description of the end times. Without these technologies the Great Reset (and all its implications) cannot take place. Most of these technologies are not future plans and developments, but in most cases are already in place. These advanced technologies continue to develop at a rate that approaches incomprehensible. The near future implementation of these technologies is, according to people within this field, real and inevitable. Experts in this field of information indicate that our world will soon be dramatically changed and the change will affect everyone.

God’s Great Timepiece ‒ Israel, hated though it is, is considered by many to be a significant indicator and timepiece for understanding the Bible’s description of the world’s condition prior to the close of the age. Israel’s presence on the world stage gives enormous credence to the biblical explanation of global end time conditions.

A World-wide Deception ‒ that will culminate in a campaign of deceit that will blind large numbers of people from recognizing the final world-wide events for what they are. The biblical record unequivocally indicates this world-wide deception will be of greater magnitude than any other deception in human history.

Other points of interest ‒ This section will be a miscellaneous list of points that merit discussion and understanding because of their contribution to what is happening in the world.

Working premises

In order to understand the point of view of our discussion, here are the basic premises we will be working from.

1. The author considers the Bible (the Hebrew Scriptures) to be the primary source of authority and information to interpret and understand the conditions and events transpiring in the world. The author is a Christian and considers the Bible as reliable, authentic, and is the source of truth to understand God, the condition of mankind, and God efforts to save mankind from his sin and subsequent judgment through Jesus Christ.

2. The author (and many others) believes there are recognizable events and conditions that have transpired and continue to develop in a rapid fashion that are identifiable. Once these events are identified and correlated with biblical prophesy, we can be equipped to understand what is happening globally.

3. This discussion is not about politics and political parties. Of course I have my opinions of the political landscape in the Untied States and the disastrous direction our nation is obviously moving. But this discussion is not about politics and political parties—it is about a cosmic war that is drawing to a cataclysmic final chapter.

4. This discussion is not simply about American power and its waning global influence. There is much that can be said about America's waining global dominance and the possibility that America is currently under God’s judgment. I realize this subject matter is met with a good deal of skepticism from secularists and even professing Christians; nevertheless, the possibility is real and the evidence may be our growing nationwide predicament.

5. And finally, to reiterate, this discussion is about the global situation that appears to be matching the conditions the Bible describes that would take place just prior to the final years just prior to the close of the age, termed The Great Tribulation.

I hope you will consider joining me as we discuss these matters. I sincerely hope that this material will be a help to you.

‒ the author

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