Truth Divided


In America and other western societies there exists within the fabric of culture what may be referred to as a 2-tiered view of information—sometimes referred to as dualism. Dualism in philosophy has been around for several thousand years and discussed extensively by philosophers to describe the distinction between mind and matter. Dualism, in practical American experience, is a pervasive 2-tier view that significantly contributes to what may be called a secular revolution.

To understand the effects of this secular revolution we must grasp dualism and its implications. Simply stated, dualism refers to any area of thought that has two opposing sides: one side claiming one truth or force while the other an opposing truth or force. For our particular discussion dualism will be relegated to the opposing views of secular and religious, and naturalistic evolution and its opposing view, creationism.

This 2-tier view of information is the result of a society that considers truth and reality to spring from two differing and opposing sources: the secular that is thought of as real due to its concrete knowability that applies to all people. The second is religious which is thought to apply only to personal choice and is not applicable to all people.

Please try not to let this discussion on dualism appear to be simply a theoretical matter that pertains to academicians and such. No—this dualistic view pertains to all of American life and touches the day to day existence of the entire population. Lets discuss this dualistic perspective and its ramifications for all of us.

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