The Meaning of CAST UP!

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Why write Cast Up?

Because what a person believes is of vital importance—it forms and shapes a person’s entire life.

There are a number of foundational questions that confronts all of humanity—and each one of us grapple with those questions. The questions are primarily: where do we come from? why are we here? where are we going? what is truth? And each person will choose a source of information that provides answers to these questions. That selected source of information becomes the filter or lens through which each of us interprets life, truth, and reality. Our understanding of our life and the world where we live is based upon the premise of that source of information.

There are numerous alternative views presented to us claiming to be the correct basis to understand the world in which we live. What may surprise some is that there is a relatively small number of alternatives to choose from. The apparent large number of views are simply modifications of some basic views which share many of the same characteristics.

Unfortunately, most of these alternatives are themselves obstacles—stones and impediments that lay in the road of life, hindering people in their understanding of truth and reality. Most of these sources obfuscate the truth of how all things came into existence, the truth about how and why humanity exists, the truth about who God is and how to approach him. The choice each of us make about how we understand life has profound implications on the life we live now, and what our life will be in the future.

The Purpose of Cast Up!

The purpose of this site is to examine some of the stones that lay in the road of life that cause people to stumble. The overall aim is to clear some of the stones from the roadway. Such an endevor can be found in a biblical passage that says, “Cast up, cast up, prepare the way, take up the stumbling block out of the way of my people.” In Isaiah 57:14 the biblical writer uses the roadway and obstacle metaphor to represent a real-life situation that continues to the present. The situation being the existence of impediments in life's road that hinder people from understanding, approaching, and knowing God. These obstacles represent the greatest threat and hindrance confronting individual's—the impediments that obstruct people from coming to a correct knowledge of God.

We will do this by attempting to clarify some of the differing views which lay claim to the truth and juxtapose them with the Bible's claims. We will attempt to discuss how and why these differing views oppose the biblical testimony and the dangers they present. In fact, the whole of the biblical narrative is the explanation of God’s work in human history to remove the barriers and obstacles between people and himself, and publicly call people to come to him.

Finally, we will advocate for the views that best describe how to understand the world in which we live and best equips us to view our world.

I invite you to join me as we discuss the most important decisions you will ever face, and consider the most important answers to life's most important questions.

--The author

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